Eddie Arana, Rick Thibodeau, & Chris Bakunas San Diego, Ca. March 2012

Eddie Arana, Rick Thibodeau, & Chris Bakunas San Diego, Ca. March 2012
Eddie Arana, Rick Thibodeau, & Chris Bakunas at Luche Libre Taco Shop in San Diego, March 2012

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ice Cream Sunday

I like ice cream, especially fresh, handmade ice cream.

Sunday, after a delicious Dim Sum brunch at Super Star Asian that Marv had organized as a send-off to visitors Amy & Nada (as well as Elle, who technically was visiting, but she is not a visitor - I mean, she still owns her house here) I decided an ice cream treat was called for. 

Super Star Asian is in Denver's China Town along Federal and Alameda, not too far from the Little Man Ice Cream stand on 16th street just before it turns into Tejon (between Boulder and West 30th ave - it's a bit of a confusing area of Denver). I drove about three miles down Federal, turned east on 29th and was there in less than 15 minutes, and that includes the four block walk from where I had to park my car (not a lot of parking in that area of the Lower Highlands neighborhood).

Little Man Ice Cream stand is built in the shape of a giant milk can, which in itself attracts attention. Couple the uniqueness of the building with the tasty ice cream they sell, and it is extremely busy all day (and night - they're open until 1:00 in the morning Fridays and Saturdays, and until midnight the rest of the week). The line for the place is hardly ever less than 150 people deep on the weekends

It is almost impossible for me to stand in line anymore, as it is rare that I believe anything is actually worth waiting in line for. However, that is not the case with Little Man Ice Cream. It is well worth the on-average thirty minutes in line to get some.

The stand sells the same ice cream treats that other ice cream stands do - waffle cones (plain or chocolate dipped), cups and pints, as well as sundaes, malts, floats, etc. 

What no other stand does though is create the wide variety of rotating delicious flavors of ice cream and sorbet that Little Man does. The ice cream is thick, but not like bend-your-spoon frozen thick, and it's creamy, but not like the inconsistent powder-mix-from-a-bag lumpy creamy found in a lot of soft-serve ice cream shops.

The staff is excellent, always happy and smiling despite being constantly busy. They will patiently let you sample as many flavors as you want (though the people waiting in line behind you might not be so patient...) and are generous with the servings. 

I had a scoop of Coconut Almond Fudge with a scoop of Espresso in a rolled (but not dipped) waffle cone. As you can see the cones are fairly big - my hands are not small. 

That was one seriously delicious ice cream treat.

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